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Chris Hebberecht pigeons

Hebberecht pigeons

Within the eastern part of Flanders, Evergem, the Hebberecht family is very succesful on international alliances. Chris Hebberecht managed a strain fenomenal long distance and extreme long distance pigeons and won in his career 19 provincial races, including 9 victories during the last 8 years.

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Well played with Chris Hebberecht pigeons

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Uitzonderlijke prestaties in 2020 met het Hebberecht-ras. Klik op het grijze pijltje voor een overzicht:

- Luc Odeurs: winnaar 1ste nationaal Barcelona = vader is 100% Hebberecht (inteelt Pancho)
  klik hier voor de pedigree

- Jos & Jan Loobuyck: winnaar 2de nationaal Agen = vader is 100 % Hebberecht  (ras Axl - Ike)
  klik hier voor de pedigree


Topreferences with Chris Hebberechtpigeons in 2018

From the beginning of 2018, fanciers are winning with Chris Hebberecht-pigeons (click here for the overview)

-Pieter Veenstra: winner 1. prize Deurne from 882 pigeons, and 5. prize from 7.759 pigeons, with a daughter from Halfbrother Ike.
-Mike Ganus (USA): winner 1. Ace pigeon Hoosier Classic International Million Dollar Race 3.150 pigeons (father is Son Costello)
-Frank Mc Laughlin (USA): winner 1. prize in Hoosier Classic International Million Dollar Race 3.150 pigeons (father is bred from Brother Jempy x Daughter AXL)
-Hoflack Didier (Fr): 1. Nat Chateauroux 14.811 pigeons and fastest from 22.534 p. (father is a son to Deserteur x Daughter Jempy (a half-sister to Ike)
-Loobuyck Jos & Jan (Aalter, BE): won 2 x 1. Provincial in 2018 with pigeons from Chris Hebberecht-blood:
  1. Prov Limoges 1.807 p. - 4. Nat 7.274 p. (Father is bred from line basic pigeon Bjorn)
  1. Prov Brive 2.043 p. - 12. Nat 9.278 p. (breeding-line Bjorn-Pancho-Trojaan)
  4. Prov Tulle 972 p. - 11. Nat 5.326 p. (Father is bred from line AXL x Ike)
-De Smeyter-Restiaen (Melden, BE): 4. Nat Ace pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB (father is bred from line Costello, mother is a half-sister to AXL x line Super)
-Verbergt Jan (Hombeek, BE): 1. Prov Valence 857 p. - fastest from 3.501 p. (mother is a daughter to VIP (line Pancho))
-De Vuyst Norbert (Lokeren, BE): 7. Nat Champion Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2018 (with grandchildren Champion)
-Limbourg Eric (Brussegem, BE): wins with supercrack 'Barcelona Triple 5' the 2. Nat Ace pigeon extreme Long Distance KBDB 2018 and 2. Olympiad Acef Cat E - Poznan 2019 (his father is bred from line Super - Chris Hebberecht)

Amazing results with Chris Hebberecht-pigeons in 2017

3 x 1st Prize One Loft-race, 1st Ace pigeon SAMDR, 2 x 1st (inter)National: click here to wonder the references

1. prize Final race SAMDR 2017-2018 Sun City (Z-Afrika) – Club Sonskyn with Mix (line Pancho, Jelle and Champion)

1. Ace pigeon SAMDR 2017-2018 Sun City (Z-Afrika) – Pieter Veenstra & Hsu Hon Chen (child of Son Ike)

1. prize Thailand Final Grand Pigeon Race 2017-2018 – Veulemans-Techavichian (father is son of Hulk x Halfsister Evert)

1. prize Final Belgian Master 2017 – Luc Bafort (50% Hebberechtpigeon from Pancho-line)

1. Internat Narbonne 10.421 p. in 2017 – Bernard Hubernein (father is from Pancho-line)

1. Nat Jarnac 5.134 old birds in 2017 – Jos & Jan Loobuyck (line Krommen and Wringer)

1. Prov Tours 6.741 p. in 2017 – Norbert & Stefan Ally (mother is halfsister Ike)

1. Prov Pontoise 19.072 p. and 2. Duffel 2.134 p. – Reedijk-Jongekrijg (NL) (line Jaws and AXL)

1. Zutphen 4.697 p., 1. Argenton (814 Km) 199 p., 1. Chateauroux (795 Km) 102 p., 9. Nat Albi (1.085 Km) 8.199 p., 10. NPO Orange (1.023 Km) 861 p… etc – Arie Dijkstra (NL) (with children from son of Pancho-Jelle x Daughter Champion)

2. Internat Narbonne 10.421 p. in 2017 – Didier & Benoit Emo (Pancho-line)

3. prize Victoria Falls World Challenge Pieon Race 2017-2018 (Z-Afrika) – Mike Ganus (mother is daughter to Pancho-Champion x Schoon Bleekje)

3. Nat Ave Long Dist. & Extreme Long Dist. KBDB 2017 – Alain Delhove (line Champion & Gentleman)

Bronze Wing BBC 2017 & 5. Nat Barcelona 7.874 p. – Erik Limbourg (line Super)

4. Internat Agen 4.269 hens 2017 – De Geest-De Cock (from Daughter  Jaws)

7. prize Final SAMDR 2017-2018 Sun City (Z-Afrika) – with grandchild Champion

Top references with Chris Hebberechtpigeons in 2016

3 x 1st National and 2 x 1st (inter)National Ace: click here for the total overview

1. National Valence 6.236 p. (+/- 690 km ) – Johan Hebberecht

1. National Brive 5.952 p. (+/- 680 km) – fastest from 11,881 p. – Johan Hebberecht

1. National Pau (Germany) - Emser Wolfgang

1. International Ace Extreme Long Distance over 3 races – Freddy Van Acker

1. National Ace Long Distance KBDB – Jos & Jan Loobuyck

1. Champion Long Distance (Fondclub Eeklo) – Freddy Strubbe (also winner in 2015)

1. General champion & Long Dist. Champ (St.-Gillis-Waas) – Luc Bafort

2. National Champion Extreme Long Distance KBDB – Martin Dhooge

Marcel Van Den Abeele

Marcel Van Den Abeele achieved top results with the Hebberecht strain a.o. 1st National Limoges Zone A.

Marcel has a real top breeder on his loft, named the "830-99", a full brother of Talis (son of Super x Donna)

A few of his sons won next prizes:

  • 1st national zone A Limoges against 10 605 pigeons in 2002
  • 2nd national Limoges against 24 479 pigeons in 2002
  • 5th provincial Chateauroux against 4 323 pigeons in 2005
  • 36thnational Limoges against 9 545 pigeons in 2006
  • 136th national Brive against 9 466 pigeons in 2006
  • 180th national Brive against 20 310 pigeons in 2005
  • 259th national Irun against 5 252 pigeons in 2007
  • 312th national Pau against 7 218 pigeons in 2007
  • 377th national Perpignan against 14 812 pigeons in 2006
  • 536th national Marseille against 19627 pigeons in 2004

Peter Symaeys

1st national Pau 2011 with 100% Hebberecht strain

Peter Symaeys

In 2011, Peter Symaeys won the 1st National Pau with 100 % Hebberecht strain.
The father of the winner is a grandson from "Krommen" (grandfather Champion) x daughter Pancho.

Alain en Dirk Van Driessche

Winner 3th national Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2005

Alain en Dirk Van Driessche

These fanciers have a superbreeder on their loft out of "Krommen" x Blauw '94 from Bjorn.
This pigeon is father to many top pigeons, amongst other the winner of the 3th national Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2005

The offspring of this pigeon is also amazing.



Raoul en Xavier Verstraete

1st allround champion KBDB Belgium 2011 + many other top prizes with the Hebberecht-strain and top breeding hen "Kathy".

Raoul en Xavier Verstraete

Father and son Verstraete have a super breeding hen on their loft named "Kathy". She is a daughter Panda x zwart geschelpt 489-95 uit Super.

Kathy is mother to several toppigeons, but below, we selected the two best:

  • Topstar
    1st regional Beziers against 228 pigeons, 68ste national against 6 191 pigeons
    1st regional Montauban against 239 pigeons, 77ste national against 7 303 pigeons
  • Belga Queen. Won in 2007:
    4th regional Irun against 291 pigeons, 72nd national against 18 967 pigeons
    2nd regional Sint-Vincent against 229 duiven, 71st national against 6521 pigeons

    She became 2nd National Ace Pigeon Fond Yearlings Cureghem Center with these resuls

In 2008, Raoul & Xavier won the 1st national Cahors against 5 441 pigeons. The winner is 25% Hebberecht-strain (Panda & Super)

Gerard Koopman

The famous international fancier from the Netherlands achieved top results on different races with the Hebberecht strain.

Gerard Koopman

An overview:

JD Action
Became second in the final race at the "South Africa Sun City One Million Dollar Race" 2008.

Won in 2007:

  • 23th prize Pommeroeu against 11 716 pigeons
  • 81st prize Offenburg against 6 774 pigeons
  • 86th prize Duffel against 5 732 pigeons

Father of these two topracers is 799-05. This is a son Talis x Geschelpt 793-3 from Gentleman.
Won in 2007:

  • 5th prize Chantilly against 13 008 pigeons
  • 5th prize Arras against 8 314 pigeons
  • 22nd prize Duffel against 12711 pigeons
  • 97th prize Boxtel against 25147 pigeons

Won in 2007

  • 17h prize Orleans against 9670 pigeons
  • 107th prize Pommeroeu against 11716 pigeons
  • 194th prize Offenburg against 6774 pigeons

Azurit: Participent South Africa Sun City One MIllion Dollar Race 2006.
as one of Gerard Koopman's best pigeons with the following results:

  • 10th prize against 3 298 pigeons (219 km)
  • 113th prize against 2 772 pigeons (298km)
  • 120th prize against 2 402 pigeons (552 km)

The mother of these three pigeons is 941-05. She's a daughter of Pancho-Jelle x Mother Champion.

Didier & Benoît Emo

Best racer Montelimar 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - PIPA-Ranking

Didier & Benoît Emo

The brothers Didier & Benoît Emo won the PIPA-ranking "Best Pigeon on Montelimar 2012-2013-2014" with the "Black Monti"

The mother of "Black Monti" is a daughter of Pancho x daughter Parel (= 50 % Hebberecht Strain)

An overview with the best results from "Black Monti"

15th national Montelimar against 6 718 pigeons in 2012
27th national Montelimar against 8 002 pigeons in 2011
56th national Zone C Montelimar against 3 395 pigeons in 2013
78th national Montelimar against 3 868 pigeons in 2014
81st national Zone C Orange against2 926 pigeons in 2011